Quantum Facial Tropocollagen Factor 3

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Brand: Quantum Facial Products

Size: 6 ml

Duration: 30 day treatment

Made in: USA


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It’s the structure that holds us together from bones to skin. It’s available in countless forms. You need the right version for the right places delivered effectively. This is why we formulated our 2 part highly active biologic delivered by nanotransport under the dermis to work better than anything you’ve ever experienced before. Once activated this product must be stored in a cool place such as a beauty fridge for up to 4 days. A Standard sized kit as shown above is 7 pairs X 4 ml. units total of 28 ml. per month ( 1 ml. per day) dose or or approximately 1 month of treatment. Single dose units are available from your local trained and certified skincare professional. 



STEP 1: Apply after Copeptide 689.com. Remove one of the paired red Tropocollagen F3 syringes along with the matching 3 ml. clear liquid nano technology vials with Patented Sodium Hyaluronte, Hymagic Serum.

Insert Syringe into Vial and Quickly Force all red Protein Serum into a new vial of patented Sodium Hyaluronate Hymagic Serum.

Shake to help mix. Pull 1ml. of the activated Collagen Factor 3. Refrigerate remaining serum up to 4 days and discard.

Remove Syringe. Eject entire 1ml. Tropocollagen F3 Bioactive Mix and use as directed by your skincare professional on all facial areas only.

STEP 2: Look for the arrow on the top of the vial. Peel back the plastic cap from the arrow to expose the rubber seal. Best results use 1 ml./day on face. The 4 ml. vial will last 4 days. Once activated Tropocollagen F3 must be refrigerated for up to 4 days and discarded.

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