Book: Confidence Secrets to Empower & Inspire

Book: Confidence Secrets to Empower & Inspire

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Estrellita Gonzalez has teamed up with Diane Rolston (Coach, Speaker & CEO of Dynamic Women®) and several other Top Thought Leaders, Experts and a select group of leading entrepreneurs and professionals as a Contributor to the new book, Dynamic Women® Confidence Secrets!

This NEW “Game-Changing Book” REVEALS how you can use simple tips to increase your confidence, boost your motivation, and feel empowered to achieve your goals. Boosting these qualities is especially important at this time of Covid.

With many inspiring stories and real-life examples, you’ll have amazing tips and tools to achieve a variety of goals, the real SECRETS behind being confident AND messages to empower your week and set a positive mood for your day!

Estrellita Gonzalez, an accomplished entrepreneur, was selected for the book because of her commitment to serving others and willingness to share her secrets for living a confident life.

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