About Us

Thank you for visiting www.myskinsalon.com. We appreciate you taking the time to meet us and see our vision for helping the world live a cleaner, healthier life.

I have been operating a holistic MediSpa and slimming centre in Vancouver, BC since 2012 (www.dermabrightclinic.com). Our aim here has been to offer holistic skin care services using non-invasive technology and clean products. We specialize in acne and anti-aging as well as weight release using LPG, products and coaching.

I started My Skin Salon as I am passionate about educating people around knowing what they are putting in and on their bodies. As "The Queen of Living Clean" I inform and share information through workshops, blogs and other writing to talk about areas in our lives where we can detox and gain a greater sense of well-being.

I know there are a lot of choices out there in skin and beauty products but most sites do not really convey much about their motivation to "sell" you a product. I created this site to be transparent and ethical in presenting high quality products. Most of our lines are professional, meaning they are only available in businesses such as spas and skin care clinics.

Our standards centre on the ingredients of the products we sell and knowing they are beneficial to our customers. We look for products which are chemical and preservative free, natural and / or organic; we will disclose anything we feel you need to know. We also look for ethical practices around production, packaging, and the running of the companies we are supporting. 

We have added a review mechanism so you have an extra layer of information when making your purchasing decision. And we will share our thoughts on the products as well and add the score received on the Skin Deep Database where applicable.

And finally, as we believe in the triple bottom line approach of social (people), environmental (planet) and financial (profit), we will donate 15% of our profits to social causes that are dear to us including:

  • Women - through supporting Kiva and the development of enterprises;
  • Children - through the CHILD Foundation, Unicef and World Vision, and
  • Environment - through supporting initiatives related to the development of affordable housing and solar power to the world.

These are causes very dear to me so know that when you support this site, you are supporting a much greater universe.  

Thank you again for visiting and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience. Please feel free to connect with us on social media or here, and share your feedback! 

Love and light,

Estie Gonzalez