Eltraderm Calm Rebalance Gel

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Brand: Eltraderm

Size: 60 ml or 2 fl.oz.

Skin Type: Normal, Combination, Oily, Sensitive

Skin Concerns:

  • Sensitivity with or without dryness
  • Conditions of erythema or inflammation
  • Ideal for preventive care, premature aging skin, acne-prone, excessively oily skin, rosacea-prone, or sensitive skin


Restore equilibrium and calm skin imbalances with our Calm Rebalance Soothing Gel. Loaded with Soluble Hydrolyzed Elastin, Allantoin, Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid, and Oleanolic Acid to minimize redness and inflammation, while restoring comfort to sensitive complexions. 

This advanced complex of active ingredients helps to reduce skin redness and irritation, while smoothing and hydrating the skin. The anti-radical properties of this calming treatment deliver relief for abnormal keratosis, excessive sebum production, inflammation, or erythema.

Ideal for daily care and variety of post-procedures. 


Our Calm Rebalance Soothing Gel delivers lightweight hydration with its fast-absorbing gel formulation and calmness to skin imbalances. Excellent for restoring resilience to skin conditions with erythema and sensitivities.

  • Delivers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Reduces inflammation and hypersensitivity to external aggressors
  • Encourages sebum regulation and improved circulation
  • Minimizes redness and swelling post-exfoliation, skin resurfacing, or laser services
  • Ideal preventive care for conditions of premature aging, sensitive skin, oily skin, with or without erythema
  • Fragrance-free. Paraben-free.

      Main Ingredients:

      Soluble Hydrolyzed Elastin

      • Improves skin tone, firmness, and elasticity
      • Enhances skin turgescence and moisturization
      • Helps reduce redness and calm inflammation
      • Reinforces and normalizes the skin's cellular functions


      • Delivers soothing effect for sensitive or irritated skin
      • Improves skin smoothness with increased moisturization
      • Softens the skin and enables it to absorb more moisture
      • Keratolytic properties promote skin cell proliferation and regeneration

      Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid (NDGA) and Oleanolic Acid Complex

      • NDGA (plant-based from Creosote Bush) Oleanolic Acid (extract from Olive leaves) work synergistically to reduce excessive sebum production, hyperkeratosis, inflammation, and bacterial proliferation
      • NDGA reduces excessive build up of dead skin cells and inflammation
      • Oleanolic Acid inhibits hyperseborrhea to calm overproduction of oils


      After cleansing, gently pat dry the skin. Apply a small quantity on the face, around eye contours, and on the neck. Allow gel to penetrate for one minute, without massaging it in. Follow with appropriate Eltraderm moisturizer. 

      Use daily in the morning and/or evening.