Quantum Facial Copeptide 689

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Brand: Quantum Facial Products 

Size: 6 ml x 5 vials

Duration: 30-day treatment

Made in: USA


Copeptide 689 is the worlds first 2 part skin repair system. Mixed just prior to use this product contains 5 well known dermatologist-approved ingredients: Super Oxide DimutaseCopper Peptide 689Hexapeptide 389Sodium Hyaluronate, Avena Sativabeta-Glucan

The thermostabilized version of Copeptide 689 is produced by lyophilizing (freeze-drying) the active biologics in individual vials to form a stabilized powder. This removes water and other components from the material, which would otherwise destabilize the product. Instead, by using a proprietary process, the superior sterile combination remains intact.

The solid blue powder, lyophilized material can then be returned to a liquid form immediately before use by simply adding the Part 1 water and mixing before application. Because the sterile Part 1 liquid is very stable, this results in an extremely convenient product with unmatched efficacy that can be stored for extended periods at room temperature.

Superior efficacy, ease of storage and ease of use are key attributes for Copeptide 689. This product will demonstrate maximum efficacy after 4 weeks of continuous treatment.

Package includes 5 pairs of treatment vials for a maximum 5 X 6 day 30 day treatment.

This product should be kept in a cool place before mix and kept in the refrigerator immediately after the first treatment mix.

This product comes with a full no condition guarantee of at least meeting and exceeding all expectations.

Clinical trials have proven that our patented two part skincare preparation system results in outstanding efficacy in treating acne, neck lines, wrinkles, smokers lip, severe sun damage, dryness and keloids. The secret is the ability of our powerful biochemistry to work uncompromised by shelf life stabilizers, oxidization and environmental contamination.

Directions for use:

STEP 1: Spot the arrow on the white cap, peel back and down. Break open both seals of one pair of the laboratory prepared vials.

STEP 2: Pour the liquid vial into the powder vial (Part 1 into Part 2), replace rubber cap, shake once lightly to mix.

STEP 3: Attach the plastic “teepee cap” to the vial. Squeeze the plastic teepee to apply drops to perfectly clean, problem facial areas. Apply once or twice daily, in the evening before bed. Try not to forget days. Refrigerate any remaining product for up to 6 days. Once activated every day of storage will result in slightly reduced efficacy, please discard after 6th day. Best results are seen after 30 to 90 days of daily use, guaranteed.

Copeptide 689.com is only Available Through Certified Salons and Medical Offices