Hexapeptide 389 for Forehead, Procerus, Glabella and Upper Lip

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Size: 6 ml

Duration: 30 day treatment

Made in: USA


It's here. The worlds first "biologic" (under the skin neurotransmitter block) wrinkle treatment for forehead, procerus and upper lip areas.

For active biologics wrinkle treatments to work they must be under the skin and you can only deliver this with a needle OR in this case, using nanotechnology. Not even Botox™ will work unless you use a needle.

You need to deliver the drug where it works. This is the only company that uses safe, advanced Nano Transport to deliver a wrinkle treatment in a medically relevant way. The results along with hours of testimonials speak directly to this.

Hexapeptide 389 is an advanced neurotransmitter block delivery system designed for the deep penetration required for frown lines & 11’s or (Goal Posts, lolol) using a powerful transdermal nanotransport system. Due to the very wide range of skin types results will vary from 5% to and rarely more than a 68% standard improvement. Occassionaly we see fine lines (Smokers Lips) in elderly patients. For this reason we have authorized our professionally trained reps to offer our lip treatment to qualified candidates with some provisional conditions.

Directions for use: 

STEP 1: As with all our products it is vital that we apply directly to thoroughly cleaned skin. Peel open the forehead or phi;trum (lip) silver foil backing. Place on the appropriate area as directed by your skincare professional.

STEP 2: The forehead patch is targeting some very deep frown lines and especially the Procerus (11’s and Goal Posts). The longer the better for about 8 hours during your sleep. It is simply not practical to do the same for the lip treatment. Leave it on for up to 1 hour after dinner.

STEP 3: Don’t talk, eat or “kiss” while using the upper lip transfuser. It can fall off and it tastes bad. Avoid eating or kissing for 1 hour after use so that active biologics can be fully infused with the nanotransport system.

STEP 4: Your initial treatment system is set for a 10 day trial as requested by your skincare professional. It is important that you complete the entire 10 day program in order to offer you a fully guaranteed satisfactory result. Expect between a modest 5% to a maximum 68% improvement.

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